Welcome to Aut of Spoons! Here you will find the musings of an autistic, asexual, depressed, and anxious self advocate. The aim of this blog is to explore my experiences through the lenses of feminism, disability advocacy, racial advocacy, queer theory, and other social justice constructs. Most often I will be writing about topics directly pertinent to my experiences, however I also will attempt to tackle issues like race, class, activism, and more to keep my thoughts grounded in an intersectional perspective.

I work to make my activism intersectional, so please feel free to drop a comment if I make a mistake, or you have a suggestion.

Fun facts about your author:

I love cats and octopuses. I have three cats and zero octopuses.
I’m a nerd for Latin.
I work at an autism related organization.
I am obsessed with Bullet Journaling.