Welcome to Aut of Spoons!


Hello and welcome to Aut of Spoons! This blog is the successor to We Got So Far To Go, the blog that I’ve been writing for the past 4 years. After that much time, I decided it was time for a rebrand, and Aut of Spoons was born. This blog will focus on mental health, autism, feminism, and social justice, with some splashes of pop culture and personal reflection thrown in. We Got So Far To Go will be remaining active for a few months as I move and categorize my archives, however it will close by the end of 2017. The highlights from the past 4 years will be cataloged here.

If you’d like to learn more about me, check the About section.

Finally, as part of the move, I’ve decided to launch a Patreon through which you can show your support of the blog and become more involved in my community. Check it out!

Thanks for joining me here at my new home! I can’t wait to get posting.

A huge thank you to Jodi T. for designing the logo and branding of the site.