Why Aut of Spoons?


What the heck does aut of spoons mean?! You might be wondering why I chose the title I did. I’m here to help!

When picking a name for this blog, I wanted something that would reflect the fact that I focus heavily on mental health, disability, and autism, as well as general social justice. Aut is a shortening of autistic, as I am delightfully, proudly autistic. Note: I go back and forth on pronouncing it like out or like the beginning of autistic. The title relies on it being pronounced out.


But what about spoons?

Spoon Theory was created by¬†Christine Miserandino as a way to explain the way that chronic illness affects a person’s ability to function. Check out the linked post for a full explanation. I have chronic depression and anxiety, as well as ongoing, inexplicable fatigue. My lack of spoons is a major part of my life and my activism.

I want to come to social justice from the perspective of someone who is disabled, autistic, neurodivergent, and so, so tired. This is activism for people whose brains need a little extra care, and whose place in the world is yet to be determined. This is for those who are out of place and out of spoons.